Saturday, January 22, 2011

No Boys Allowed

Hello friends!

I am on vacation right now and having a really, really wonderful time of refreshment. I love to travel, so it's been fun getting to see new parts of the world and SO great seeing old friends and hearing how our Lord is at work in other countries. The update below is from the trip we took out to the village of Foibe just before we left for vacation. :)

No Boys Allowed

Stooping down to exit the chief’s house after enjoying a delightful supper of hot rice and green beans, I was surprised to find people waiting for me. I mean, it’s nearly 8pm – the village bedtime. :P “We want to hear your lesson now.” Now? This is new. Others have requested 6am (yes, I did indeed teach at this should-be-sleeping hour!) or the ever-vague ‘when people get back from the fields,’ but never bedtime. “Yes, now!” They chime.

As we climb into the villages’ biggest hut, I remind them that this lesson is for the women only. The men protest. “We want to hear, too!” They even went so far as to make the excuse that “our wives are lazy and won’t remember everything! Let us listen!” As the lesson was about caring for children from birth to two years, it would be shameful to discuss with both men and women in the room, so we come to a compromise: men stay outside for the medical part of the lesson and then come in for the other part. The men sighed as they mostly aquiested to my request [I saw a few rebels peering in the door, lol]. When the men were allowed to rejoin the women in the hut, they all got to hear of the truth and listened very attentively. It was encouraging to me to see this desire for the teaching. I praise God for putting this desire in their hearts! Pray that our Father enlightens their eyes that they may know what is the hope of His calling, the riches of the glory of His inheritance, and the exceeding greatness of His power (Eph. 1:17-20).

Thank you so much for your prayers!
Cara :)
Jude 24-25

Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Do YOU Celebrate the Holidays?

I have received this question a lot lately, so I have decided to give you a little sampling of our recent festivities!

My birthday: Heather invited our whole church to my BD party. All 30 of them felt quite loved - both to be included and by the feast of goodies she prepared. We even had pop. I think it was the first sugar high some of the children of our church had experienced and definitely their first piƱata. :D It was so much fun that a child peed on the floor in excitement. *grin*

Christmas Day: was a celebration and a half! Our church gathered in the morning with singing and praying. We then transitioned into Malagasy-style karaoke! Picture an open mike and speakers, but no background tracks or lyrics. :P You did receive a treat if you performed for everyone, so this girl did. :0) Once we had sung ourselves hungry, our hosts made lunch for everyone and we had a grand time conversing and laughing. Meat is a rarity, so Heather and I grabbed only one piece. Mine was delicious. Heather accidently speared a pig snout. Ha ha ha! Then began the dance party; Malagasy, American, French, and Norwegian songs all made it into the party mix. There were joyous shouts of "voavonjy!" intermittently thrown in as people praised Jesus for the salvation He brings. Six hours of partying later, Heather and I were among the first to leave!

New Years Eve: our precious friends Rivo and Hanta invited us to spend New Year’s Eve with them. This was very special because it was family time. Rivo and Hanta, their two daughters and sons-in-law, and Heather and I gathered together starting about 9pm and had an interactive Bible study until nearly midnight! It was a sweet, sweet time.

Please continue lifting us up! Our January plans include teaching medical and Bible lessons in the villages of Foibe, Ankazotsara, and Kianjanomby, and vacationing ! Our supervisor, Jeremy, broke his leg, so please join us in praying for him as he goes through physical therapy and he and his family get ready to join us again here in Madagascar!

Thank you so much for your prayers and the love that you show me!
I thank my God upon every remembrance of you (Philippians 1:3).
Cara :)