Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sharing the Story + a Newborn = Great Day!

You don’t know me very long before finding out that I love babies. I adore newborns and even though am not a frequent crier by any means, get close to tears at every miraculous birth I witness (which is all of them!). All that to say when I was prayer-walking around town yesterday and God nudged me to share the story with a woman who had a three-week old baby in her arms I was MORE than excited. :D

I sat down beside her in the shade and started talking about how cute her baby was (zazakely botrabotra!), how much she was sleeping at night, etc. Except for a stuffy nose, this little one was doing great. I asked the woman if I could read her a story.

Leaning her head close to mine so she could read along with me, I cuddled her baby close and told her of God’s love, grace, and power. I don’t know how much was lost in translation, but after the story the woman smiled at me with a tobacco-filled grin and told me she believed in God.

Love you guys,
Cara :)
Hebrews 4:12

P.S. An update about our trip to the rain forest and such is coming soon!
P.P.S. The baby in the pics above is not the one from the story, but an adorable one from church this morning!


Mrs. M said...

That baby is sooo cute! And that is an ahh-mazing story! Keep 'em coming...

Cathy said...

Praising God for the work you are doing there!