Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why did the chicken cross the road?!

Driving in the rain forest is so different than driving in the city. I consider myself a good driver, but there are animals here with apparent death wishes! Running total after 7 months: 3 chickens, 1 turkey, 1 duck, and zero lemurs (thank goodness for that!). I praise the Lord often for His protection against accidents. The various and sundry small fowl do not even phase our 4x4 truck, and I must admit that the feathers fluttering in the air afterwards are a tragic beauty. :P

Tomorrow Heather and I head twelve hours north for an Indian Oceans Island meeting. Please pray that we will be an encouragement and be encouraged by our brothers and sisters that we will see there. We’re also turning the time into a supply run to stock up on necessities like toilet paper, yeast, and margarine, and fun stuff like popcorn, cheese, and peanut butter. *grin*

With only two more villages to assess, I am turning more of my time to nursing preparation. For instance, the villagers have told us that they take very sick people to the hospital, but many times the patient dies before they can get there because it is such a long way away. They also said that most of their children who die do so before the age of three, so a couple of the many lessons I am preparing are When to Go to the Doctor and Caring for Children From Birth to Age Two. I ask for your prayers in this as it is very different than the emergency work I am used to! Also for wisdom as we brainstorm culturally-appropriate ways to have village clinics. :)

Love you all!
Cara :)
Psalm 30:11-12, 57:7-11, 66:8-9, and 67:1-7

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cara! I found your blog through another blog, and have come here a couple of times. I thought I would let you know that you are a great encouragement to me! God bless you for your willingness and obedience to make His name known and glorify HIM!
I am praying for you and your friend Heather!