Friday, September 3, 2010

It's September!

Hello my precious friends!

Thank you so much for remembering us in your prayers. A lot of exciting things are happening here in Madagascar! We hiked out to assess our “last” village this week and discovered not only another village, but heard tale of four more villages past the one we went to (Ambohinihaonana – a mouthful!). We are going to go ahead and start some of our projects with the villages we’ve already been to so they know that they are loved and don’t think we have forgotten them. We will assess the other villages later.

Ambohinihaonana was a village full of hearts that were ready to hear God’s Truth! The harvest is truly plentiful here. I am praying that the Lord will raise up leaders in each village. The people are ready to hear and learn, but right now there is no one to live with and teach them. We teach wherever we go, but there are many villages and only a few of us.

I am extremely excited about the rest of this month! Looking forward to our Kelilalina market outreach day, showing the film and studies, and medical teaching and clinics in the villages (more info on all of these below if you want it)!

My hard drive failed, so if I have not responded to your email it is because it was deleted and I am very sorry! If you’d all like to send me a quick note then I’ll both have your email addresses again and get to hear from you – win/win! :D

Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable! Psalm 145:3

I love you all,
Cara :)
Psalm 150

For those of you who would like more info:

Kelilalina market outreach day: On September 18th, Heather, myself, and some friends from church are going to have our own market stall where we’re going to talk, pray, and share with people. We’re hoping this will bless both our neighbors in Kelilalina and all the people who come down from the villages to sell their wares on market day!

Film: It’s our turn with the island projector, which means that we can show a film in some of the villages! It will be quite a hike out with all of the equipment, for sure! We’re planning on staying out for at least four days with every showing so we can do some teaching before and after the film.

Medical: I had a little set back in the medical preparation area. My hard drive was attacked by a malicious virus and perished. Thankfully my friend Tim here was able to put the computer back together, but all my files from the last four months were lost (yes, I know, I should back up more often!). Anyway, that just means that I have to re-do my teaching plans, so you can continue to pray for wisdom in that area. During the second week of September, Mirana, Heather, and I are going out for the first time to teach about how diseases are transmitted, have a Q&A time (I think this will be my favorite part!), and then de-worm the entire village. Please also pray that God gives us discernment on which village(s) to make our guinea pigs!

Retreat: Last month we traveled up to Andasibe for our yearly Indian Ocean Islands retreat. We had a sweet group from Southbridge Fellowship come and spoil us. If you want to see pictures from our adventure to Lemur Island and the Croc Farm, you can check them out here:

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