Monday, May 2, 2011

All in a Day's Drive

Driving here is fun. Nail-biting at times for my passengers, I'm sure, but fun nonetheless. I have NO doubt God has stopped more accidents than we will ever know, praise Him for His power!

It is gorgeous ALL the way during the 10 hour drive down to the rain forest.

We stop for zebu frequently. :P

Smiley face skull & crossbones warns in French of a dangerous descent. :-)

People are always walking alongside [and in] the streets – and yes, they are talented enough to carry large things on their heads WHILE doing so!

This is the capital city 10 hours north which is NOT my favorite to drive in!

You brought a couple extra bags, farm animals, and a motorcycle? No problem - we can fit it on! :D

Oops – how did THIS one get on here??? :-) I just love Heather. :D


Kathryn Taylor said...

I do a lot of picture taking while Doug is driving. I'm just wondering if you are doing the driving AND the photography? Love you!

Cara said...

Ha ha - these are actually pics my mom took while I drove them all over the island. Good call. ;)

Anonymous said...

It IS frightening, but at least everybody is happy. No rude drivers. To add to the overloaded van pic, Daddy says people should know you are supposed to drive on the right side of Mada roads...optional, I guess..just take the corners anyway you want!

M & D

PS you are a great driver - I would not want to ride with anyone else in Mada. When you come to the USA, it may take a few days to learn road rules again.

Gary Scallorn said...

Hi Cara,sounds like the LORD is
opening up doors & people's heart
to hear the word.That is some place
the LORD has givin,it looks like
you steped back in time about 90-
100 years ago.Diane & I will keep
you in our prayers.Take care!!!!

Your friends in Christ,
Gary & Diane Scallorn
(Gary's Auto Repair)