Monday, June 27, 2011

A Conversation with the Postman

I am sitting in the telecenter trying to load my email. I’ve been here for 45 minutes and the telecenter has been blaring Miley Cyrus the whole time. This is my third time to hear “The Climb.” I feel like I’ve been up this mountain before… :P

“Hello?” A face pops up in the window. The postman. “Well hello,” I reply. “How are you?” Grinning widely he says, “It came!” “The package from my mom?” I query. “Yes!” “Well praise God,” I say. “I’ll come over when I’m done with the internet and get it.” His face fell. “Oh please come now. I’m going to close up early to go eat lunch, but I wanted to make sure you got it today.” I stand. Of course I will.

Walking me to the post office (a couple buildings away), the postman tilts his head and looks at me thoughtfully. “You know, when you came to the post office yesterday and the package was not there, you said you prayed that it would get here soon. Just now when I told you it came, you praised God. I think God heard your prayer and answered it. Tell me, what is your religion?”

He listened attentively as I told him of my relationship with God. He said he would like to come worship at our church next Sunday, so I invited him to bring his whole family.

Y’all, praise GOD for bringing glory to Himself. The fact that I had said those things did not even cross my mind. I was forgetful, but this man was listening. What a good reminder that people are watching even the little things that we do – beloved, let us live like it!

“Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time. Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how to answer each one”
Colossians 4:5-6.

Prayer requests:
1. My friend Heather is sick. Please pray for complete healing for her.
2. I will be in Diego (northern Madagascar) June 28th-July 7th working with a sweet missionary couple. We’ll be putting on a medical/Bible lesson conference, teaching English, and doing village ministry. Please pray that those we come in contact with will understand the Truth of our message, that it will penetrate their hearts, and that many would come to believe on God.
1. For great times of fellowship with our national partners and other believers here in the rain forest, and for neat God-appointed opportunities to share God with those we have come in contact with.
2. For safety in our many travels (hiking and driving!) and continued health for me. Actually, this one can stay on praise AND prayer request! :-)

I love you all,
Cara :)
Numbers 6:24-26

P.S. The first picture is of the Malagasy flag. Yesterday was their Independence Day. I wore red, white, and green for the celebration. My Malagasy friends giggled and informed me that the party color was orange. LOL! Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Did you show the postman all your Miley Cyrus cd's and old concert stubs? LW

t marie said...

Beautifully said from a beautiful heart. What a sweet Jesus you are to so many.

Kathryn Taylor said...

Have I told you lately how wonderful I think you are?!

Anonymous said...

Did you all know, this little known fact about Cara: When Cara smiles, the whole World STOPS,and Stares for a while!Just Say'in!

Cara said...

Thanks for the sweet compliments, y'all!

LW, not only those, but my Justin Bieber ones, too. He was VERY impressed. ;)

Anonymous said...
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