Monday, July 18, 2011

Conquering the Mountain

Peering over the dashboard, I dive down the extreme decline of the mountain "road." There is a cliff to my left, so I am hugging the other side that has a wall of mud. "It's okay if you want to take out the sideview mirror," my friend Tim tells me, "Just don't take us over the edge."

The powers that be have been working on a road out into the rain forest. Yesterday we decided to climb the mountain with our 4x4 truck so we didn’t have as far to hike. I got to drive! I forded small rivers, got stuck in the mud (above!) for a while, and certainly got my heart rate up, but boy was it fun! :D Thanks to all of you who give - it was through your generosity that we were supplied with this cool truck to make it over the mountain. :)


Anonymous said...

It looks like Cara is right at home, driving a Toyota Truck! Not as pretty as the Highlander though!LOL!

Josh Taylor said...

Driving a 4x4 up a mountain in a foreign country sounds like some of the most fun a person can have. CARA I seriously miss you. I wanna hear every story once you get back. Say, when DO you get back? Are you there indefinitely now or is there still a set time you're coming back to our America?

The real reason I set out to comment you before I read about your awesome "road trip" ha ha ha was to let you know that I just finished loading the last missing adventures in odyssey episodes I didn't have on my NOW I have them all (Save for one or two I need copies of because my discs are scratched and a few that they have filed away and never put out to the public after it's initial airing.) BUT IT'S AMAZING. And I just figured you might be excited too :P I hope you continue to have a most excellent adventure Cara :D MISS YA

Gary Scallorn said...

Hi Cara, I have worked on a bunch
of those 4-wheeler's.Fine automobile!!! Looks like fun? how
close are you to the Island that all the Hammer-Head Shark's around?
Diane & I wanted to get to Dive there,but wound up in Cozumel Mexico instead.We will pray for
Dada-Be that he would come to know the Lord!!! God Bless You!!!!
Gary & Diane, Gary's Auto Repair
Nashville Tennessee