Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Remove a Sand Flea

By request, the 12-step program:

1. Compile your supplies: lighter, needle (if it’s not already been boiled clean – do it!), band-aid, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide, and paper towels.

2. Position yourself in a comfortable position with your affected foot up by your head in the light.

3. Poke the needle in JUST BARELY where the black spot is in the middle of the whiter bump.

4. Skim the outer layer of skin down around the bump with the needle.

5. Do number four again on a different side (like peeling an orange).

6. Do it again, being VERY careful not to puncture the white sac with the parasite and eggs/baby parasites inside (depending on the stage in which you noticed said sac).

7. After your skin has been peeled back from around the sac, loosen the sac from underneath until it is just hanging by a thread.

8. Snap the last thread with the needle while raising the sac upwards on the end of the needle.

9. Grab the lighter and burn the evil pest and sac, putting the remains in one paper towel and placing the needle on the other.

10. Inspect area to make sure no particles of sac got left behind.

11. Cleanse with hydrogen peroxide.

12. Dab area dry and apply antibiotic ointment with band-aid.

Repeat as needed. :-)


Nanette R. said...

#1 needs to be "Don't read this while eating lunch." :-)

Gwyn said...

Between this and the leeches, I'm beginning to be afraid to read your posts!

Kim in GA said...


Requelle said...

Gwyn, I was just thinking the same thing :~) Good thing you're coming home soon, cara, because i'm not sure your mom could take many more stories involving critters and how they are invading your body!

But oh how i am loving reading about this great adventure God has you walking right now.