Saturday, November 5, 2011

How Cool is God

My little sister mentioned that there was a rumor going around that there are a couple Malagasy students at her university. I had her ask around to see who they were (if they would like to get together to chat, etc). We got a call from a very excited International Student Adviser because it turns out that the school my little sister goes to has the highest population of Malagasy students in America! What's the "chance" of that? Apparently they had some deal with the former Malagasy president and so they actually have TWENTY-SIX Malagasy students!

The Int'l Student Adviser said she didn't think any of them had met an American who spoke Malagasy, so they would be especially thrilled about that (yikes - need to keep practicing...talking with myself :P). The group gets together fairly often for "potlucks and things," and are going to begin inviting me whenever they have them. I don't know what exactly this is going to look like, but I am excited for the opportunity and think God is pretty cool for organizing this "coincidence." :-)

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