Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why I Still Need My Mother

"What on earth, Cara? You're twenty-seven years old and you still need your mommy?!"

While that may be your incredulous thought, the answer is yes, I do. :-) After a long and very good day in the ER, I came home to find this in my room:

[the note reads "TRADE: You must toss at least one formally white tee]

I was confused for a moment. I already have two white long-sleeved shirts, right? Why would I need new ones? Then I started laughing.

The long-sleeved white tee I wore last shift to work had no problems anywhere a person could see, but the body of it had mold stains from Mada that wouldn't come out even when washed with bleach. I figured it was okay because only the sleeves showed - everything else was under my scrubs. Upon closer inspection, I saw that white tee #2 was white...but only compared to dirt. After two years in Madagascar, that one wasn't turning white any day soon, either. :P I really just don't think about these things until someone tells me!

Also the chocolate + pretzels shows how well she knows me. *grin*

I'm glad I have a person in my life willing to step up and tell me "What Not to Wear," and spoil me rotten with treats. :D