Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not in Madagascar Anymore

That's right, I'm not in Madagascar anymore. Not a news flash, you say? It's been what, four months now? In my mind I know that, but sometimes it still hits me every once and a while. Today I'm working on a paper about nursing and development and it's killing me a little just writing about it and not being out doing it...but God's timing is truly perfect and He is continually faithful to teach and guide me here in America just as He did overseas. :)

Speaking of overseas, updates! First of all, Tsiky is doing much better because he no longer has a fever and is playing happily, but he still has swelling under his eye (as you can see here)

The group of believers (including Tsiky's parents) continue to meet together in their village and share the good news of Jesus with surrounding villages. Praise the Lord!

Madagascar has been hit with another cyclone and this one did more damage in the place I used to live than the last one:

I'm not sure how well you can see it, but this is the main (and paved!) road right outside my old house. A mudslide now prevents cars from continuing southeast because this is the only road that goes that way. Please be in prayer for my friends down there and those who have lost loved ones and/or homes due to the cyclones.

*Photos compliments of Tim and Jeremy*

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