Friday, March 15, 2013

Greek and Thai

This shady (although well lit inside) restaurant we went to a couple weeks ago ended up being very timely as a new pope has recently been chosen.  Assumedly run by Catholic Egyptians (unless Coptic Christians have similar beliefs), this Greek place has a photo that was both Jesus and Mary depending how you looked at it.  Okay, it was a little creepy, but also a pretty entertaining illusion. ;)

This was also the place where we discovered our new favorite Arabic phrase, "Yalla habibi!"

Last night we headed to a sketchy-looking Thai place, but it ended up being really nice on the inside!  And I must admit that the leftovers were even better today!  One of my co-workers joined us on this jaunt and I was pretty impressed with Carly and Kierston for allowing all manner of ER talk during dinner. :o) Here's a couple of our ideas for the future: (okay, I have a penchant for those also written in Arabic ;)

One of my patients cracked me up today by informing me "y'all have the best dope in town!" after receiving some narcotic pills.  As I was encouraging another patient to drink more water, he said, "I already drink as much water as a cow!"

Are cows known to be big water drinkers?

Have you sampled a lot of the dope in this town?

Is there a more entertaining job than ER nurse?



Anonymous said...

Does these little trips say something about the Cafateria food? Or are these trips done, while not at work?

Anonymous said...

Seeing the Jesus' portrait reminds me of this blog post by a Lutheran missionary in Madagascar "Jesus is the Foreign's Uncle!"

A Malagasy Christian Reader

Cara said...

How interesting! Thanks for sharing that, ny namako Malagasy. :-)