Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jordanian Pick Up Lines

No, seriously. You won’t hear this first one anywhere else in the world.

#1: Man: “Do you know why the Dead Sea is so good?”

Me: “No.”

Man: “Because you are in it.”  He smiles and winks.

What?! That doesn’t even make sense. I’m in my scrubs at the hospital, mister, not my swimsuit at the Dead Sea!  But anyhoo…the days are always interesting. :P  (See how happy he looks with the two of us here? Definitely snuck his arm around at the LAST moment before the pic was taken - reminded me an awful lot of THIS happening - ha!
#2: “I will take my medicine now, but when you leave I will have a problem.”  Oh really?  “Yes, I will have a problem taking my medicine because not only are you beautiful on the outside, but you have a beautiful heart.”   Again, illogical. My beauty has nothing to do with whether or not you should or can take pills. Keep taking ‘em, mister, and be healed.

#4: “Hello.  You think I jest.  The Arabic word that sounds like helloa means “you’re cool and beautiful," so when you think you’re just getting a greeting… ;)

#3: “We should get married.”  No frills, straight to the point.  This one’s the most common and just might be my favorite. Lol. And I guess this one’s Syrian and Yemeni as well as Jordanian. :P  The guy on the right asked me this one, the guy on the left is a fellow volunteer nurse. :)
My patients make me laugh.  Which is incredible when they are going through so much.  Thank you guys so much for praying for them.  N*s abscess is healing beautifully, but a large open wound on her elbow is not, so if you could lift that up, that’d be great. 

PTL relationships among the staff are going well.  The maintenance crew, teachers, lab tech, and nurses came over for an American meal tonight.  We’ve done fried chicken and homemade pizza nights already, but this time I made chicken pot pie and they were astounded.  “THIS is a traditional American dish?” One asked. “I thought Americans only ate hamburgers like from McDonalds!”  Ha ha ha. 
I also got the neat opportunity to go out to a town on the Iraqi/Jordanian border.  There are many Bedouins out there without access to medical care, so once a week a doctor, director, and nurse go out and put on a clinic.  It’s a 5 hour bus ride, apparently, that the Palestinian director did in 2.5. Wowza did we go fast.
The scale at the clinic cracked me up because it’s so Arabic – right to left and of course in kilos!  The director bought Aileen (below) and I both an extra stuffed shawarma and a cold coke for the trip home, so I was one happy and satisfied girl. ;)
This woman is one of the founders of the hospital and she is amazing.  We ended up bringing one of the patients home with us.  He was diagnosed (in another city) with diabetes a month ago and his blood sugar was almost 500 when we checked it.  Basically any time he starts to feel bad he drinks sugary juice and eats packaged cookies.  Let’s just say a little education is in order!  He’s at the hospital now and, in true Bedouin fashion, doesn’t like rules or confinement so I often have to search for him in order to give him his insulin. :P
My dear friends, may “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace” Numbers 6:24-26.  He is so good!

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Karen Jones said...

It's because you're beautiful both inside and out, and they want it for themselves.

Not realizing that it's the inside that is much more important, and the joyful spirit comes from following Christ!

I pray that your presence encourages them to ask about your faith, and that you are able to share with them.