Sunday, October 18, 2009

More from training!

My dear friends,
I have spent nearly a week here and it has been lovely! The highlight of my week was on Friday afternoon when we were "assigned" (ha ha - I love it!) to take three hours alone with God. It was a time of refreshment and joy, and much needed after last week.
Stat: the company supplies the 2nd most vaccines on the East Coast (second only to the military) giving approximately 15,000 immunizations per year!
Here’s a picture of Kylie (7), Karis (5), and Caleb (3) after they helped me make some delicious brownies.
Play-dough is a staple game with the kids, but we also did hair when Kylie’s friend, K-Beth, came over.

We have a great group. I can’t show you all their pictures, but here are my wonderful roommates! From left to right are Lauren, me, and Heather. Lauren is headed to Malawi, and Heather is my friend going with me to Madagascar for two years (brave woman!).

And lastly is a picture of my superly fun sisters (taken at a tea room just before I left) to remind you to pray for my family during this time, as well as myself, as we adjust to being apart.

I love you all,
Cara :)

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