Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Journey Continues!

My dear friends,


“Ah–koo–ree–ah–bay” is how the Tanala people say hi in Madagascar. :)

Life has been good. Training continues to go well. We have had sessions on security (shout out to my security guys!), language training, storying, culture shock, and more! The vaccination clinics have gone smoothly (yes, I am now ready to tackle a rabid dog after the rabies vaccine – lol, or maybe not!), and we have had many fun games of ultimate Frisbee, Imagine If, signs, and volleyball. :)

I am reading a lot of good books here. Most recently completed was Quest for Power by Robert Blaschke. Many in America have such a guilt problem. Animistic societies are more fear based and need to recognize the power, whereas Middle Eastern and some Asian religions are primarily based on shame versus honor.

Another thing that struck me this week was about how most of our prayer is reactive verses proactive. Aka: we pray when something happens (like sickness or loss of a job or a friend heads overseas to Africa!), but we also should be praying BEFORE things happen, expecting God to do a mighty work.

This past weekend I was able to head up to Wake Forest, NC, with some new friends to go visit my old friends Ali & Kyle Williams and Daniel Tomyn. It was so great to see them AND introduce them to my friend, Heather. They have some interesting bathrooms in North Carolina, so we took some pictures. :P The saloon-style doors (with us three girls poking our heads out) are in Daniel’s new church building, and the obvious sign is at a park near the school.  Kyle & Ali are a cute couple, so I put up a picture of them. Daniel and I found a shack that was made for pygmies in the park, and the last picture is of Heather and I in a building pointing to naught else but MADAGASCAR!

I love you all,
Cara :)

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