Monday, November 23, 2009

A sunny day in VA town...

Hello all!

This has been a great week. We started out the week with classes on personality types (I'm an ENFP by the MBTI in case anyone is wondering :P), team work, etc, and then Wednesday afternoon things got a little crazy! Wednesday through Friday we had security training...very helpful stuff, that. :)

Today I went hiking in the woods (practicing with my weighted pack) and had a lovely time with God. I am simply overwhelmed with how He has blessed me.

Two weeks ago we had South Asian worship (thus the picture of us with head coverings!), last week was East Asia, and tonight is post-modern.

We have a map of the world on the wall here at training HQ that, at the beginning of our time here, we all placed our pictures where we are headed. Well, that didn't last very long! There's a picture with me and my two roomies in our correct countries, then one of the many designs that have been made with everyone's faces!

To those of you who have sent me letters and emails, THANK YOU so much! I have been so encouraged by them and they always make me smile. The Malagasy say "it is better to lose money than friendship," and they are so right! I love you guys. :)

Cara :)

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