Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A curly-headed girl stares wide-eyed into her computer screen thinking, "What do I say? How can I possibly encapsulate the last two months into a single blog update? The relationships formed, lessons learned, fun times, new experiences (first time to Waffle House! lol)...it's just too much to process and put on a page." So what does she do? She starts typing in the third person. :D

Ha ha...but really, 'tis true! For those of you who haven't heard, training in Virginia is over and I am back in Nashville soaking up time with family, friends, favorite foods, and frolicking through the frosty streets with fast frenzy. Well, maybe that last one is a stretch (and maybe not...). Anyway, I thank you all so much for praying for me during my time at FPO. It was truly a blessing. Next step: fly out to Africa on December 28th! Huzzah! *grin*

While at training I heard of a couple who had *gasp* actually been to Madagascar AND were visiting that day. Having a friend point them out to me, I slid gracefully into the chair beside them and, after a quick greeting, queried about any advice they might have for Heather and I as we head to Madagascar. "If you don't have people praying for you and you're not right with God, don't get off the plane!" was their quick reply. Wow. They said Mada is one of the most dark/oppressed places in the world...and as they continued talking, I got more and more excited.

I don't know if you know this about me, but I don't always respond in, say, stereotypical ways. :P When someone gets a laceration, I am drawn to them to see how deep it is, apply pressure, cleanse it, help sew it up, and hear the story of how it happened (and if it's a lame story, assist them in making up a better one! :).

I love you all,
Cara :)


Brittney Galloway said...

I'm so glad you had a goo experience at training! Enjoy Christmas at home and keep us up to date!

Faith My Eyes said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear friend, I am sooo excited for you! Keep up the non-stereotypical responses! :-D
I love you & will see you soon!

Dave Tomyn said...

Awesome! Have a great time in Maddy, we'll be praying for you! I hope I can "drop by" sometime during your two year tenure (only a short hop from Tokyo!)

BTW, a couple things...first trip to Waffle House?! For real? I cannot count how many times I've been there ;) Also, nice "F" sentence...though I agree "fast frenzy" may be a stretch! :)

*Check out my blog @ davetomyn.blogspot.com while in Africa; I will do the same!

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