Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Malagasy Folktale

"One day long ago, Zanahary [Creator God] asked the first man and woman if they would prefer to die like the moon or like a banana tree. The couple looked at each other in confusion until the woman asked, 'What does it mean to die like the moon?'

Zanahary replied, 'The moon is always reborn. Each month the moon starts out as a sliver and grows bigger. Then it gets smaller until one night it disappears. The next night it's a sliver again.'

The couple thought about this for a moment. The the man asked, 'How does one die like a banana tree?'

'A banana tree sends off shoots. After the tree dies, the shoots continue to live, eventually growing into young trees,' answered Zanahary.

So if the couple didn't have children, they could live forever like the moon does. If they did have kids, they would give life to others like the banana tree does. The first couuple thought about this choice, and they decided to die like a banana tree. Because of their decision, humans have only one lifetime on earth."

-From Madagascar, by Mary N. Oluonye

Interesting, eh? I am SO looking forward to hearing some more tales from Mada.


Tom Bailey said...

You have an interesting blog and you are doing a great work by being in a country as poverty stricken as you are.

Thank you for sharing!

Tom Bailey

AJL said...

Ummm, I thought you said this was a dream you had?

Anonymous said...

You spelled couple wrong