Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Illumination of Spiders

Blue sparkling eyes peered up at me as I walked the path back to my tent at night. Sparkles that, unfortunately, belonged to beady spider eyes and not ten million fireflies. :) My camo headlamp beaming, I walked the dusty path with only a few steps in front of me clearly illuminated and I think, “Your word is a lamp unto my feet (Ps. 119:105)!” Not a floodlight, not night vision binoculars, but a lamp, causing me to trust Him one step at a time. Not a future for me to know the intricacies of everything that comes next in a sequential order, but a future full of adventure, one day at a time with my Lord. :)


Faith My Eyes said...

Adam and I were just talking about that song tonight! And yes, he still plays defying gravity... a lot... thanks, Cara.

Glad to hear 40/40 was awesome, expect an email... soon :)

Anonymous said...

Caleb & Blake will be so proud of you. Spiders & camo headlamp!! I have to show them this when they get finished playing ping pong.

Love you,

Cbell said...

What a sweet word! Thank you for not sharing the spiders with me! Blessings on you!

carlita said...

What, you listen to Owl City now??!
I love doing that with flashlights.