Saturday, June 5, 2010

Divine Encounter

Cackles of laughter filled the air as the mzungu (foreigner) pounded ground nuts and practiced carrying a baby on her back Zambian-style. See her there above? And that’s me on the right in the red-striped shirt. The girl was awkward at first with the large stick we use for the nuts, but strong. When I remarked on it, she said it was because she played trombone. Whatever that is. Boy, did she ask a lot of questions. All kinds of questions about our life cycles as Zambians – birth, puberty, marriage, and death. I was hesitant to share our secrets with a stranger, but after a while I warmed up to her.

As she told me her own testimony of God’s grace, her eyes grew big as she realized that today, May 10th, was the 19th anniversary of her own salvation. On top of that, this day is not only now my spiritual birthday, but also the day of my physical birth! Today I turn 25 years old, the same age as my new American friend. What an amazing day!


Kidz 40/40 said...

Cara, I love the way you told this story. It is so exciting. Thanks for sharing!

The Bowman Family said...
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carlita said...

Wow, your new friend has your exact style of writing! hehe
This is an amazing story have such a flair for writing :]

Sara said...

Praise the Lord! That's a wonderful testimony! I am praying for you!