Monday, June 21, 2010

Update from Madagasikara

Dear Friends,

Rats bark.

Yes indeed, like tiny dogs. Who knew?

This place is gorgeous. The attached pictures are what we hike through – amazing – and a couple of children from the village of Torotosy - adorable.

Heather and I took a trip up to Antsirabe last week to pick up our Malagasy friend, Mirana. She will hike out to the villages with us as language helper and health educator. She is living with us for a while until we find suitable housing for her. You can pray for both housing for her and our developing relationship.

We are so ready to hike out, but are praying about what that looks like on a longer term basis. This week we plan to visit a the fokotany (leader of the village), a couple local clinics, and the hospital to gain some insight on the medical conditions here, with a possible trip out into the rain forest later on in the week. Pray that God would give us clarity and wisdom as we follow Him moment by moment!

I love you all,
Cara :)

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Anonymous said...

I love you too! Life is crazy & school is overwhelming, but I am living day by day & learning many things. :)