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Tanala Village Prayer Guide

In case you didn't catch it below, I'm putting village info up to help continue prayer support for the Tanala people in the rain forest. Please choose one or two villages from the fifteen below to commit praying for. If you would like more info on a specific village, please write me and I’ll fill you in! Pray with great faith – our God is big!

"I have seen, at different times, the smoke of a thousand villages - villages whose people are...without hope in the world."
Robert Moffat

“The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, and upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death, Light has dawned.”

Matthew 4:16

"If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees, imploring them to stay. If Hell must be filled, at least let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go there unwarned and unprayed for."

Charles Spurgeon

Amandrovany: ah-mahn-dro-vahn-ee
This is the village where Dada Be, the elderly witch doctor, lives. Amandrovany is steeped in ancestor and nature worship, but amazingly many people there incorrectly think that they are “Christian.” Even Dada Be will tell you that he is “Lutheran.” Please pray that the few believers in Amandrovany will live radically different lives as a witness to others as to what it truly looks like to follow Christ.

Ambodivoahangy: ahm-boo-dee-voo-ah-hahn-gee
The curious village. I love all the questions people have here, but am burdened for the majority of them that do not yet have an understanding of what the Gospel really means. Please pray that they would understand, realize the darkness that they are in, and turn to the Light.

Ambohinihaonana: ahm-boo-hee-nee-hao-nah-nah
We had an excellent reception from the people of Ambohinihaonana last time we went. Praise God for our good relationship with this village. There are still many practicing witchcraft and following all the taboos of the ancestors. Please pray that the people would clearly see and understand what it means to follow God and be free from the bondage of sin.

Ampitambe: ahm-pee-tahm-beh
The people in Ampitambe are very ignorant regarding Truth. They informed us that “God is like your mom and dad – a source of life. But your mom and dad are the gods you can see." Please pray that they would be liberated from the lies that blind them.

Ampitivanana: ahm-pee-tih-vah-nah-nah
Pretty much breaks my heart. Ampitivanana is one of the closest villages to the road. Initially welcoming, the chiefs of Ampitivanana told us we could come and teach whenever we wanted. After a few lessons, it became apparent that the villagers only listened for entertainment and what they could get from us. Please pray they come to realize that the spiritual hope that we bring is much more important than whatever “stuff” they want from us.

Anjaka: ahn-zah-kah
The people here have heard of heaven, but said “it’s a mystery to us who gets to go.” They are still very connected to following their ancestors. Please pray that God blesses them with faith and that their hearts would understand their great spiritual need so that they would go to Him for redemption.

Ankazotsara: ahn-kah-zoo-tsah-rah
This is Lolo and Etsiky’s village. The believers in Ankazotsara have been oppressed for no longer following the ways of the ancestors, but are now meeting weekly (on Thursday afternoons) to study the Word. Please pray that God would strengthen these believers and daily add to their number!

Beremby: beh-rem-bee
I see great potential in this village. We have only gotten to visit Beremby a couple times, but the people seemed very welcoming to us and of the message that we brought. They freely admitted that they do not know how or why to worship God, but would like us to teach them. Please pray that they would keep this willing attitude to learn of the True God, and have hearts tender toward Him.

Bevoahazo: beh-voo-ah-hah-zoo
This is the village where a lady and her husband are building an extra room in their house so the people of Bevoahazo can come and study the Word. Please pray that the believers here would show love to all who come, including building relationships with the other members on our team.

A village far out we have only been able to visit once, but have been informed that they “already have a religion and don’t need another one.” Please pray that they would recognize their desperate need for God, and have opportunities to see genuine differences in the lives of the few believers in the surrounding areas.

Foibe: foo-ee-beh
We have been able to pour into Foibe with some stories, a volunteer team, a roof for their school, and many, many trips filled with evangelism and encouragement. The village is divided into those who want to follow the God and those who want to follow the ancestors. Two of their chiefs are pictured above. The one on the left desires the Bible to be taught to the children, and the one on the right seems uninterested. Please pray that God would give all the people of Foibe a single mind with a desire to follow Him.

Kianjanomby: kee-ahn-zahn-oom-bee
It seems that every time we arrive in Kianjanomby, half the people are drunk. They are a village that sees little hope for their lives. Please pray that they see their sin as God does, and go to Him for forgiveness.

Morafeno: moor-ah-feh-noo
Is not actually a village, but the town that we lived in. We lived on the top floor of a hotel, and on the bottom floor is where a group of believers meet every week. Please pray that God would rise up leaders in the church, and that those who believe will be passionate about studying God’s Word and sharing their faith with others.

Torotosy: too-roo-too-see
The killing of opposite gender twins is still happening in this village. “Good” witchcraft is considered okay, but sorcery has been outlawed in Torotosy. Our team would like to start up a weekly study in this area. Please pray that people would be eager to come and that God would prepare their hearts even now to be tender toward Him.

Vatofotsy: vah-too-foo-tsee
I was extremely encouraged at the response of the people in Vatofotsy to the Truth. They are a very far away village, so they will probably not get discipleship opportunities often. Please pray that the believers learn from the how to study the Word and share with others. Please pray that they keep their excitement about following God.

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