Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Rock Forest

On our way back from Tulear, Mirana and I stayed with friends who live near Isalo National Park (aren’t they such a cute family?!). It was fun hiking around (Madagascar such a diverse place!) and spending time with them, but difficult to see their situation.

‘Micah’ is well-educated and takes initiative to provide for his family, but there are few jobs to be found. He managed to find one in Isalo, which is the reason they moved from the rain forest down south. However, if he wants his family to live with him, he has to rent a room for them all and is unable to save money. If he saves up money, he is separated from his family for long periods of time. It’s been tough, especially since he has only been able to find one other believer in the area. This is Bara territory. A self-proclaimed “hard-headed” tribe, they have fierce bandit gangs, and the men aren’t even allowed to get married until they have stolen at least one zebu. Here is one of their graves, built into the side of a rock so that no one steals the burial cloth:

This lemur mommy and baby visited us while we enjoyed our picnic. Cute cute. :)

Hiking through all these rocks, you can imagine my delight when we came to a natural swimming pool (of course we got in!). MAN is God ever an Awesome Creator!

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