Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cow Sprinkles

Food for thought while I am on vacation in California too busy enjoying the beach to post anything new:

Cow Sprinkles

Now I am a sprinkle lover, 'tis true, but even I had to wonder why when I saw these!  On what cake would you think "Oh man - COW sprinkles, now that would be perfect!"  Maybe I'm too much of a city girl to appreciate and be aware of the wide-spread use of cow sprinkles, but somehow I don't think so...  Ha ha.  These just made me chuckle when I saw them in a store in Nashville right along with multicolored sprinkle dots (which are pretty much the best sprinkles ever, btw).  Cow sprinkles: hint of the future or somebody's strange one-time sale?  Only time will tell...


Bill said...

Cara, you are always entertaining!


Kathryn Taylor said...

I'm pretty sure I know some children that would appreciate those crazy things (even without knowing what to put them on). happy va-cay!