Saturday, June 30, 2012


Ahh, vacation. June 7-16th. School was turned in ahead of time so no school.  No work. No responsibilities. A dad who bought all my meals.  I was SPOILED ROTTEN! *grin*   Here are my super cute parents. :)

Here's a pic of the San Diego beach.  My friend Heather and I once talked about how it is difficult to impossible to have any sorts of worries or concerns when you're laying on the beach.  It's really pretty true.  Not that I normally have a lot of worries or concerns when I'm not at the beach, but there is something so incredibly calming about the power and vastness of the ocean and knowing God is the one who designed and controls it.

What?  Never expected to see MY name on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood! Thanks, guys, you shouldn't have...

Two of my siblings and I ventured up north for a couple days to check out L.A/Hollywood and go to Knott's Berry Farm (roller coaster park).  We found the Santa Monica pier without really even knowing that it was famous.

Here's one of the fam that's crooked, but I like it. :)

Sisters in beautiful San Diego :)  Beautiful trip, beautiful time, glad to be back.

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t marie said...

Nice trip. I'm glad you enjoyed it!